Education is the starting point.

Knowledge is the power to save our food system, climate, and Mother Earth. The Global Good team has curated some trusted sources of information. We invite you to learn more. Together, we can change our planet for the better for the next generation.

Kiss The Ground promotes inspiring participation in global regeneration, starting with soil.

Regenerative Ag Academy is a great source of agronomic knowledge.

Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC) is a revolutionary new certification for food, fiber, and personal care ingredients.

Rodale Institute is a non-profit dedicated to organic farming research and outreach for over seventy years.

The soil can address humanity’s urgent challenges like water and food insecurity, poverty, and climate change.

Sun+Earth certifies cannabis is grown under the sun, in the soil of mother earth, without chemicals by fairly-paid farmers.

Take a class.

The GlobalGood team has curated some trustworthy training courses if you’d like to learn more about regenerative farming.