Global Good supports
climate initiatives.

Global Good

Global Good is an international nonprofit foundation established to promote regenerative farming, reverse climate crisis, and advance earth-friendly initiatives. We support the advancement of marginalized populations and endangered species.

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Climate Initiatives

Our planet has experienced five mass extinctions where nearly all life on the planet was eliminated. Four out of these five extinctions were caused by a change to the earth’s climate. The most severe of these extinctions began when carbon warmed the planet by only five degrees Celsius. Now, it is the responsibility of the human family to stop ourselves from bringing on the sixth mass extinction…

Regenerative Farming

Nearly everything humans eat requires farming. Regenerative agriculture is resilient to drought, flooding, and pestilence. Proper farming improves the taste and nutritional value of food, prevents disease, and improves human health. Regenerative farms sequester carbon and reverse climate change. By working in harmony with Mother Nature, regenerative practices produce the abundance that can make any farm more profitable…

UN Initiatives

The United Nations has defined 17 urgent goals for humanity. The GlobalGood community supports these initiatives with our time, talents, and resources. We invite you to join us…

Marginalized Populations

Become an accomplice for change. Global Good can properly guide those who are not members of a particular marginalized community but seek to help end oppression…

Regenerative Cannabis

It is estimated that the economic impact of the cannabis industry could reach as high as $77 billion by 2022. Should industrialized agriculture muscle into the industry, the impact on our climate could be devastating. On the other hand, if we can help small cannabis growers employ regenerative practices, it could have a massive impact on reversing the climate crisis…

Endangered Species

Extinction is forever. Join the Global Good community to help protect threatened species from becoming endangered and critically threatened species from going extinct…


The ocean gives us oxygen, food, and millions of jobs. It brings joy and shapes our climate and weather. Global Good supports ocean discovery, exploration, preservation, and education. Help us secure our oceans, planet, and future.

Join us.

Global Good supports initiatives that better our planet, marginalized populations, and endangered species. Join the community. Your support and contributions will make a difference as we perpetuate our ripple effect of neverending global good.