Global Good is an international nonprofit foundation established to promote regenerative farming, reverse climate crisis, and advance earth-friendly initiatives. We support the advancement of marginalized populations and endangered species.

Our Founder.

Scarlett Rabe is the CEO and Founder of Global Good. Scar is a humanitarian who believes that, as a member of the human family, our primary responsibility is to leave the world better than we found it.

Scarlett is a passionate singer, songwriter, pianist, and musical artist. At age 3, she climbed onto the piano bench and started playing by ear the piece her piano-teacher mom had been teaching a student. She was identified as a musical prodigy and began intense training with world-renowned pianists and Juilliard instructors. As a child, she woke up at 5:00 a.m. and practiced for hours every day. Scarlett lived to perform. She was that little pianist whose legs don’t reach the pedals, playing a twenty-minute concerto accompanied by the symphony orchestra.

However, Scarlett was raised in an extreme religious cult. She was forbidden to watch TV or listen to the radio. As the oldest of eight children, she became the second mom to her siblings. By age ten, she had four hours of piano to practice, five children to take care of, seven loads of laundry to do, and she had to get dinner on the table before her father got home. At 16, she was offered a world tour as a classical pianist. Unfortunately, the cult’s leadership intervened by demanding that she forfeit such a “carnal and worldly distraction.” Scarlett was commanded to marry, so she could “multiply and replenish the earth” like an obedient and dutiful servant to patriarchy.

After a decade of traumatic soul-searching, Scarlett found the fortitude to flee the cult. After relocating to Los Angeles, she launched her career as a singer-songwriter/artist.

Determined to use her voice to better the world, Scarlett is a humanitarian advocate for the dismantling of extractive and exploitative patriarchal systems. In 2021, she launched Global Good, an international nonprofit foundation established to cooperate and collaborate with organizations that focus on implementing and mirroring nature’s regenerative truths and principles within political, economic, ecological, and social systems. The charitable organization supports the advancement of marginalized and endangered populations within the human family and global biosphere.

Scarlett’s ancestors were farmers. What started for her simply as an interest in mycorrhizal fungi and regenerative soil systems, through extensive self-education based on wisdom from indigenous and Black organizers and thought leaders, Scarlett’s mission is to be a meaningful part of what she calls the “regen-generation” – a generation based not on age or when one was born, instead a generation of beings who realize that all living things are interconnected. In order to survive and thrive as a species, we must disrupt extractive, patriarchal systems in the nurturing of regenerative systems for abundance, diversity, and equity.

Understanding that the lion’s share of philanthropic spending goes to white-led organizations and that the effects of climate crisis (as well as the many other deleterious effects of extractive patriarchy) fall first and most heavily on marginalized and already heavily oppressed populations. Scarlett founded Global Good to create a powerful force to support those working to create equity and abundance.


Global Good for all.

Global Good Foundation is incorporated in the State of California as a Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation. The IRS has granted Global Good Foundation tax-exempt status as a 501(c)(3). This makes it possible for donors to deduct contributions. The Global Good mission is to promote regenerative farming, reverse climate crisis, and advance earth-friendly initiatives. We support the advancement of marginalized populations and endangered species.

Certified Integrity & Transparency.

Global Good has been awarded Candid’s Platinum Transparency certification for 2022. Not only is integrity and transparency essential to Global Good, but third-party certification helps put donors at ease.