We must end the climate crisis.

Our planet has experienced five mass extinctions where nearly all life on the planet was eliminated. Four out of these five extinctions were caused by a change to the earth’s climate. The most severe of these extinctions began when carbon warmed the planet by only five degrees Celsius. Only a sliver of life was able to survive. Enough time has passed, that once again, our earth is home to a countless number of living creatures – including about 7.5 billion of us in the human family.

Fortunately for us, we find ourselves at the top of the food chain. We can think, reason, and innovate. We dominate the planet. Technology can make our lives better and more comfortable, but we can’t always foresee how the things we do today, will impact tomorrow. The Industrial Revolution transformed modern society, but it also flooded our atmosphere with carbon. When we extract coal, oil, and natural gas from the ground and burn them for energy, the combustion releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

We are thrusting carbon into the atmosphere about 100 times faster than at any other time in human history. That carbon is building up, and like a giant thermal blanket, it is warming our climate. In 1992, The United Nations announced a global scientific consensus about the impending dangers of climate change. A worldwide alliance was formed to replace humanity’s harmful practices with more earth-friendly technologies. Since then, Humans have knowingly done more damage to the environment than was previously done in ignorance. In the past 40 years, humanity has caused the number of wild animals on the planet to plunge by more than 50%.

There are currently over 26,000 species threatened with extinction. It is predicted that the number of all living animals will plunge another 40%–50% in the next 30 years. We are rapidly approaching the 6th mass extinction. This is not extremist or alarmist. This is not about politics, religion, or commerce. It is simply a very frightening scientific fact. No amount of denial can change the truth. This is our shared reality and our shared future.

We caused the problem and we are the only ones who can solve it. The survival of humanity is at stake. And while the problem is massive, the solution is relatively simple: Regenerative Farming. If we simply change the way we farm, we can change our destiny. Regenerative farming can eliminate famine, drought, flooding, and desertification.

Regenerative farming will move farmers from struggling with debt and subsidies to producing abundance and prosperity. Regenerative farming also improves the taste and the nutritional value of our food. Regenerative farming will help prevent disease and improve human health. It is truly amazing that regenerative farming alone can save humanity from extinction. The secret is the soil. Indeed, the earth can save our planet.